Robel Temesgen

Is an Ethiopian artist whose work visually represents the belief of Adbar which refers to the embodiment of protective spirits in the natural landscape. Dessie, north-east Ethiopia is where the artist is from, where Adbar is commonly practiced.

Temesgen works in a symbolic style and typically on a large scale especially in the Adbar collection, with large scrolls being suspended from the ceiling and partially rolled onto the floor recalling Ethiopian healing scrolls.

The artist received his BFA from Addis Ababa and then a MFA in Norway

The first works I saw when I was cruising around on the interweb were works on paper that featured the Surrealist technique decalcomania which I had only previously seen done by English Surrealist artist Ithell Colquhoun.

From the Eye is on the Eye of the Beholder series

Robel Temesgen. Adbar I, 2015. Mixed media on paper,
Adbar I
Robel Temesgen. Adbar V, 2015. Mixed media on paper
Adbar V
Adbar VII, 2015
Adbar VII 2015
Untitled 2017
Untitled 2017
Untitled 2017 RT
Untitled 2017

Image source Artsy

Oh my god, so much of his work in 2016/2017 is so great, a lot with the decalcomania and various pen work; materials e.g. Acrylic, nail paint, enamel paint, ink pen, permanent marker and sticker, stamp, etc


Author: awenewene

Renee Noble Maori girl living in Melbourne Visual Arts student concerned

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