PaintingOh my gahhhhd!!

So last night I had a break through with my self-esteem my miserable companion within myself and painted for 5 owerrsssss

I sat down and asked my intuition what is up how can I stop mentally beating myself into a pulp

Luckily I was sat in front of my desk easel and recently found an artist I really like called Michaël Borremans so got a painting of his out of my sketchbook and just started painting it!

Although I thought I’d hate having music on at the same time as painting it totally works if you’re wanting to paint for a long time, you drift, and surprisingly you can focus more on what you’re doing, or less and just let your body glide. I think it’s proven to be better for learning as well. Check out Improvement Pill’s videos on YouTube.

Another YouTuber that I’ve seen preeeetty much all of her videos is Robin Clonts’, check her out she’s very funny, does art skits, plus tutorials, tips and the like. Her videos helped me get motivated and pretty much pull confidence in myself from seemingly nowhere (I know, it’s inside but seriously when is it ever) (jk inside pls free up) ok.

So I listened to her acrylic tutorials even though I don’t do landscape stuff right now but I’m wanting to do some plein air very soon anyway.

ANYWAY here is my perntern


Author: awenewene

Renee Noble Maori girl living in Melbourne Visual Arts student concerned

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