This one acrylic


No.1 is kissing, there has been slight vibrancy added for the photo, my room lighting is poor. No.2 is the reality of my room lighting and three more that preceded. The colours taken from cars and the shapes illustrating the inner and outer worlds having impact points at which is the location of life. Perhaps.

Oh yeah and on my desk is my cow

I’m learning to look and leave stuff. Yesterday I successfully added to kissing. Painting in layers tells me about me, I don’t know if I do things on purpose or am in ‘control’. Is that important?

I’ve been thinking about control a lot recently, stirred up by the theme of relationships and it’s a dawn.

From late August a sense of what is important began. Till now I’ve felt that shift encompass almost all interactions in my internal dialogue and the dialogue with the interacted world. Now alighted is relationships.

From this born smooth flashes of composed forms of influence, pull and impact. Informed only by the feeling and this accumulated impression of importance.

I attempt to paint them now. They are so simple and different to what I thought painting had to be to be interesting. However, there are artists and their works that I can now recall having the gerth I see in such simple use of shape.

I am now directed to Suprematism and the work of Hilma af Klint and the Five.

Ricky Swallow at Buxton Contemporary

Art i$ Homosexual by Juan Davila at Buxton Contemporary
The cutest drop sheet, Footscray community arts centre
Isabel Nuño De Buen – Extracted Segment Orienting Arrow (undetermined) at ACCA (Australian centre for contemporary art)

Some images from a week of weird and unsettled but exciting and fun. It’s cold and hard to not beat myself down for being in bed and missing appointments. Also not sitting at the desk for long. Seeing and comparing is gentler but takes a strong will that lives outside. hard to get when you’re inside.