This is a painting that’s now sitting slashed on my bedroom floor.

I had a funny making art day that left me with then without a sculpture and when I went to get more adhesive, a slashed canvas not by my own hand… Still inspired by the day though.

RIP ‘spirit of the earth’ you will be reborn… Soon


‘Come Together’ at MetroWest

Celebrating women’s creative contribute to MetroWest Footscray


Star Gossage

Star Gossage Ngati Wai / Ngati Ruanui

Gossage draws inspiration from her ancestral land; the coastal landscape of rural Pakiri, north of Auckland, where her people have resided for centuries and where she currently works and lives. Her paintings reveal the shifting nature of emotion and memory, journeys of loss and endurance and her close relationships to family and her Maori heritage. Gossage produces dreamlike landscapes and figures, often depicted with floral adornments, which are imbued with a personal energy that she draws from her Maori ancestry.

Text by Niagara Galleries

‘Gossage communicates an evolved intuition that is older than her years and in her painting is able to imagine, point to and paint places where dreams and secrets intersect.’ – Ngahiraka Mason, Star Gossage: Tona Whatumanawa Maori

‘Sometimes her fingers become brushes, other times she gathers materials like tar, lime and earth from the family land and mixes these into the paint.’ – Lisa Reihana, Art New Zealand, number 118, 2006

My Aroha, Across the Ocean, to the First People, 2015 star gossage
My Aroha, Across the Ocean, to the First People (2015)
pakiri shells 2015 star gossage
Pakiri shells (2015)
shell study II 2015 star gossage
Shell Study II 2015
seeds of the heart 2 star gossage
Seeds of the Heart II (date unknown, exhibited 2010)
reia 2015 star gossage
Reia (2015)
girl of the sea star gossage 2015
Girl of the Sea (2015)
Matariki star gossage
Matariki (2014)


Interesting to see her pallet change from warm to more cool-er and brighter tones in 2015. So beautiful ◕‿‿◕

All paintings are oil on board