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Lorna Simpson was born in 1960, she is an African-American photographer and multi media artist, she received a Bachelor of Photography from the New York School of Visual Arts, but began engaging in different medias to challenge and engage the viewer.
In the 1980s her name became synonymous with ‘photo-text’ artworks where graphic text is inserted in studio portrait style photographs which bought new conceptual meaning to the work. The text is involved in creating discourse around the photos that bear witness to the lives of African-American women in American culture.

I began reading a chapter in the book Art on my Mind: Visual Politics by bell hooks yesterday and she wrote about Lorna Simpson’s work. What caught me in the first few paragraphs was the reference of Ms Simpson in her book regarding the uninitiated not having the eyes to see. This cleared all confusion for me on the wild ignorance that we might see from the outside world, and why socialising is sometimes, perhaps most times harmful if we are not conditioned enough to those who do not have the metaphysical eyes to see the traumas each of us have experienced and do experience in the world of many different social structures that bind and connect us to one another.

The Waterbearer 1986 Lorna SimpsonThe Waterbearer, 1986
Lorna Simpson

Five Day Forecast 1991 by Lorna Simpson born 1960Five Day Forecast, 1991
Lorna Simpson

Then & Now 2016 by Lorna Simpson born 1960Then and Now, 2016
Lorna Simpson